Witchbriar Cottage Collective

Hello! We are Witchbriar Cottage, a small art collective selling stickers, art prints, upcycled apparel, accessories, and more! Please see our Facebook and Instagram for information about local popups, or buy from our Etsy shop!

About Witchbriar Cottage

Witchbriar Cottage was begun in September 2023 by two artist friends with a desire to stop drawing backgrounds for their art. Well, that's partly true.We sell primarily at in-person popups, but we also have an online shop via Etsy, where you can find almost all of the same products. We are based out of Southeastern Wisconsin, and our stickers are made 100% in-house, the old fashioned way. We take great pride in our work and we hope you like it!

About The Artists


Hi! I'm Katu. I'm a disabled artist who loves cats, coffee, and making people laugh. I founded Witchbriar Cottage in 2023 along with some friends, because I wanted to share my work with the world and have fun creating things for others!

I'm Cas, a casual artist who sometimes draws cute animals and sometimes draws freaky little dudes. When I'm not doing art, I'm probably on a hike or taking a nap.